The strength in my will

A little to the left and I found what i felt Would I have missed had i gone right? Or, with all my might, do i get to find what I'm looking for, what's always been mine? Do I have the strength to get what I want. Or is it something fate has to grant?... Continue Reading →



Isn't it a miracle that, in the end of the day, we are just mere quarks; small pockets of energy that learn to adjust and better themselves in relation to the world around them. Just going about everyday, we forget to give thought to this immense miracle that presents to us as our universe. Such... Continue Reading →

Leave him alone

Then he got up they were all sitting. Their eyes caught him he felt the beating. The judgemental look with every breath he took. He stared them back their souls, he shook. Right in place he wanted to feel. Now look, He shut them up. In their own den, the tigers shook.

Should I?

Should I let go, just let it be? Do it for myself, let me be free? Cause sometimes I tire, sit life a tree. Still I feel like running, I wanna be free. There’s no stopping, for you and for me. Should we keep fighting, or let it be? Please someone, just tell me.

Surrounded, yet alone

In between and all around, I’ve been free and I’ve been bound. Among the humans, I’ve lived for long. I’m surrounded, yet I’m alone. Alone in my thoughts, Alone in my mind, True companionship Oh so hard to find! Is it that you fear me? Are you afraid that I can see, Through all your... Continue Reading →


He walked in, nothing he could see But, her tied up and on her knew. Two barrels pointed at him. They stood staring, 2 fat 3 slim. Then they signaled, he knew not what to do. They made him pull the trigger and be through. Before he knew it She was on the floor. Blood... Continue Reading →

Be my friend

Come on, now hold my hand. Come along, now be my friend. Cause I got a lot to show, all the magic, in all the souls. Somethings tragic, others gold. I’ll show you how to live amongst it all Just climb in let yourself fall. That’s the way to learn, a way to stand tall.... Continue Reading →

Those waves

See, some of us love the beach yet, barely dive in the sea. us, we’re chaotic inside that’s why, we love the chaos outside. It’s a secret, you see. Those crashing waves, they speak, to you and to me!

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