The paradox of our existence.

In what we perceive with just two eyes, lies the image of a perfect nature created by a perfect being; it is the manifestation of the perfect being. This material nature changes and adapts to its own rules, however living beings are impacted by such rules but not confined to it. Our physical form conforms to those weaker forces of nature, while our consciousness remains unaltered by such forces. We have a life force that inanimate objects do not and that is what separates us from the complete control of the material laws.

Similarly, when we choose to perceive with our third eye, we realize that, in the way that our material aspect are impacted by material laws, our consciousness is controlled by a higher force that exists beyond and in this linearity. That is the energy that dictates our being and our life force, some call it energy, soul, spirit, consciousness or even being.

Initially when that energy was entrapped in the linearity, during the beginning of this material existence, it had to adapt to exist along with the newer forces it encountered. As this energy learned ways to adapt to the material being, it began losing touch with its conscious forces, it only contained fragments of them. Those fragments manifested in different ways through various animals and plants as the energy experimented on various forms. However, despite seeming that it was concerned with adapting to this material world, its main purpose still remained to escape this linearity and do away with the worldly restrictions.

To do so, paradoxically, it would have to adopt in this material world in such ways that it would eventually create something that could comprehend its paradoxes and eventually escape this bond of the material world. In that image the human being was created, not as a conclusion to billions years of experimentation but as a step in an ongoing effort to reach higher consciousness that could help break bonds of this physical universe. The paradox of our existence is such that, consciousness created material so it would eventually lead to creation of a material that could comprehend its consciousness entirely, helping this entrapped energy realize its full potential and escape into it vastness and realize its supreme identity.

When a conscious being understands this, he is able to distinguish between himself as a physical being, himself as a conscious being and his human self as a mediator between the lower and higher forms of existence. Once one reaches such level of understanding and experiences, one is said to be in a transcendental plane. Meaning that, once their physicality ends, they cease to exist in this linearity anymore. They escape the binds of linear time. They go on to exist in a higher dimensions manifesting their true form dictated by their consciousness.

So, as humans, all we need to do is adhere to heightening our senses and being alert of the various levels of existence. We should be aware and accepting of our true purpose, to enlighten ourselves so we forever escape the bonds of material laws and exist among infinity. Isn’t it a beautiful thought to just be able to live with beings with higher understanding, away from the sorrows of the worldly existence, to exist with unlimited possibilities, away from limitations of the human form, to be free from the notions of good and evil, away from the need for survival, living just for living.


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