Don’t fear me!

I was always feared
not for my physical strength
cause I had none
I was feared
for what I could know
for what I would see
and what I would show

They were afraid
that I would uncover
the nature of their desire
to keep control
to keep us asleep
to keep us from
seeing the truth so deep

They feared me
cause they understood
that I could light a fire
cause what I desire
was to dislodge their power
to wake all up
and fight fire with fire

They thought I was scary
cause I wasn’t scared
to lose what was mine
I had no interest
in their material conquest
I had nothing to lose
I was filled with selfless desires

But don’t be afraid of me
for I only desire
to wake all up
not to steal or to gain
but to live freely
without physical disdain
just peaceful and content

Fear me though
if you cross my path
and you are stubborn
to keep what you have
cause I won’t stop until I stop
your power trip
with my fiery wrath!


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