Why are millennials killing all the corporations?

After reading a lot of articles about how “millennials are destroying so and so business”, and many more responses to such articles, I finally decided to have my say in the topic. A lot of millennials have defended their life choices in this horrendous economy and the perpetual poverty that some of them find themselves tangled in. I know I cannot write anything funnier than some of the things that are out there, but I will try my best to describe my perception and understandings on this topic. Here is a list of the reasons why we are “destroying” some of these businesses:

Holy shit everything is expensive!
Yeah, it might come as a surprise for some Americans (at least the top 10%) that things are not closely as affordable as they used to be, and if some of you, that write those articles, actually did your own shopping, you would know! We can’t even afford health care, literally I did not go to the doctor for 4 years from not having a health insurance. I personally know a hundred more people in my generation that would rather “sleep it off” than go to a doctor, despite how disabling their conditions are; cause they can’t afford to go to the doctor! I remember joking that my friends should not call an ambulance if I got too sick, cause the ambulance bill is more expensive than my living cost for a whole month! But, sadly it was not a joke, but my reality. I mean do you really expect us to go buy diamonds in the condition you have restricted us at?
And since when did you expect a person to spend a four hour pay on a pair of jeans? Yes, we scour around in the clearance section, all-the-time! More, we gather any coupons we have so we can afford a pair of pants not on sale, so that we don’t have to go to work, with a pair of pants with a hole in the crotch, for five days in a row! And yeah we will wear the shoes with a hole in the sole for a few more months, because the $60 paif of basic rubber shoes are less important than the $12 bandages (how? Are they made by stretching gold?), the $15 Excedrin (seriously the health care prices!) or the food we so need to survive to go to work! I think the corporations are killing themselves!

We don’t like generic food anymore!
With the global awareness of this generation, mostly fostered by the various social medias and other internet-based innovations, we are a lot more aware of the variety that is available all around the world. When it come to food, the same old american choices are not doing it for us anymore. From chipotle, to sushi, to various other foods, we have seen them and we want them. At a time when the world is at our fingertips, we would rather “google” a recipe for something we really want,rather than go out and eat something that destroys our taste buds. Also, with various applications that can find recipes based on what you have in the kitchen, we can save money while still surviving. So tell me what’s the better choice?

It’s healthier to cook at home anyway!
Applebee’s, TGI Fridays, Buffalo Wild Wings,… etc. Do you know what they have in common? Well yes, they are all losing profits thanks to the millennials, but another thing they have in common is that they are unhealthy, and come on, they taste like shit half the time! After witnessing our parent’s generation with all their health issues resulting from their bad food choices and resulting obesity, we have decided to take matters into our own hands. We decided that we don’t wanna be a disabled 50 year old with an obesity problem, who is about to die due to diabetes! So, we started cooking at home.
Plus, do you know that the $20 we spend for a meal in any casual dining restaurant, we could buy enough groceries for a few days. See, even financially it is more profitable to cook at home. Well, profitable is a stretch though, that’s practically how we survive famine in this country right now! Do you still think we make bad financial decisions?

Plus, we would rather be home!
From “Netflix and chill” to eat-in and take-out, we are a fan of staying in. Not meaning that we don’t appreciate a quiet walk, a good hike, or a social gathering; we would just rather not be out in a sweaty restaurant, with music too loud to even hear your own thoughts, with food that’s mediocre at best, the underpaid staff who hates their job, an oh that unbearable wait time. You literally have to wait for everything from seating, ordering to going to the bathroom, it’s a wait everywhere! We would rather order some take-out from the local Chinese place, pick it up in 15 minutes and watch some pirated movie in the comforts of our own room!

We would rather experience than show off!
See, we would rather save money for a day at the beach with a few beers than buy a versace wallet for $200 when the $10 unbranded one would do the exact same thing. We have stopped caring about what others see of us or think of us for that matter. We don’t really care too much as long as we survive and get a chance at living. See, we understood that a show of wealth does not tell you anything than the material comforts you possess. It does not make you smart, moral or even richer, because, we know, money can even be made from wars, and it is not even uncommon! More often, we would judge you to be “spoilt” or superficial for it anyway! So yes! We would rather save for a road trip than spurge at the Applebee’s, on that matter!

We aren’t fooled by brand names anymore!
We realized that the brand name does not guarantee either quality or quantity. I think we owe it to Marcel Duchamp and his radical insights into the modern society for this thought process, but either way, we recognize that it is stupid to spend more to get something just for its brand name.
On the other hands, some of us (well me obviously and there are others too) are done with the whole concept of brand recognition anyway. Sacrificing elements of design and quality with a brand symbol, just seems counter-intuitive in marketing. I mean, have you seen those shirts with the entire front covered by just the brand name? Come on! You have to agree, those things look like shit! I don’t know who are designing or buying these, but those have to stop!

We hate the corporations from deep down!
On yeah, if you didn’t know by now, we hate corporation, mostly everything about them! From, their control on social policies that don’t impact their owners, their resistance to pay their employees a livable wage, the skyrocketing prices of everything, and everything else that led the world to be so so superficial and materialistic. Yeah, most of us are yoga doing, healthy eating, weed smoking hippies, in search of a better quality of life. We are therefore well aware that corporations are the sole reason we are compelled to sacrifice our “quality of life”. And that is why we would rather buy from the local shop down the road!

We are basically done with everything at this point!
Ranging from unaffordable health care, soaring food prices, failing socio-economic policies, perpetually unsuccessful war on drugs, creating wars for profit, turning blind eye to social injustices, and the never ending effort to keep control of one’s wealth; we are done with everything! The Adam Smith economy that profits from the oppression of a poor class of people, while the rich unintelligibly set unfair policies, that affects none of them, are pissing us off.
We are not just gonna stop at some small corporations, we are eventually going to make a “larger change” ( yeah, you tease us for this term but due to your ego, you will never recognize that we meant it, and we are gonna achieve it). And, if somehow we can’t achieve this during our lifetime, we will make sure the next generation learns our ways. We will wait till we become the majority and the decision makers. We will create a change, and hopefully you will be there to witness it!
We have risen above the levels we were constricted to rise above. Due to all we have to deal with growing up, we have recognized the greater story of our lives. And we are done, we are done with all the injustice in the name of economic development, this unwanted power struggle, unwillingness to work on things that are wrong, and this policy to point out flaws in other while ignoring the injustice under our own nose! We will revolt, and that starts with our war on such companies. You are starting to see the effects slowly now, but, you will have never anticipated the war we will start.


2 thoughts on “Why are millennials killing all the corporations?”

    1. thank you. I believe there is something larger going on in the world that is indicating a larger revolution coming onto the human civilization. Thank you for reading! Keep sharing this and the love we all possess for each other!


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