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Absolute freedom!

We humans have never experienced absolute freedom; the absence of all laws and rules, the absence of money, the absence of government, throughout the world, with no possibility of loosing said freedom. Since the dawn of mankind we have been either under a government that dictates the extent to which we can exercise liberty, or been on constant fear that a larger government (power) will take over. Meaning, we have no idea how humans will behave when there is an absence of laws and regulations, and an absence of fear to loose freedom. Absolute anarchy has never been experienced for us to reflect on.

However, movies and shows alike, portray anarchy as the destruction of humanity. They portray the worst possible outcome from the provision of absolute freedom. We have no basis for such reflection, so, this assumption is not logically based, but speculated by cynics, political powers and profiteers of capitalism.

This said, I do however believe that at the face of absolute anarchy, humans will initially act out. Having never experienced such freedom, it will be initially taken advantage of and it will result in a lot of bad in the world. We will exercise our darkest secrets because this freedom will be new to us. The fear that this freedom can be lost at any time is what results in this initial reaction, however as time persists, and the realization of the real everlasting freedom occurs, humans will exercise only good. It is like giving a kid a cartoon of candy, of course they will finish the first few packets on a sitting, eventually they will eat less of it, till they stop obsessing about it once they realize that the candy will always be there for their taking. In the same way, once people realize that the freedom is actually absolute and unending, they will stop obsessing over the acquired freedom and just live life.

Not having to obsess over freedom and rules and laws, people will practice only what makes them happy. Another reason humans will live and strive for harmony is to avoid anxiety. In doing bad, they will experience the anxiety of whether there will be repercussion or not, this anxiety will constantly interfere their ability to be completely happy. Hence, humans will avoid doing bad in general. I becomes a basic need for humans to exist without anxiety, for it limits the one purpose of life; happiness. This anxiety resulting from bad, compared to the easily attainable good, which only brings good results will compel people to do good; good without the restrictions of unfair and imperfect laws, not forced by a government, rather dictated by morality and human desire for good.

This complete ideal, however, would not be fully identified in the first generation that experiences absolute freedom. They will be skeptical to whether this freedom if real and question its immortality. They will try to fully take advantage of such experience since they have never experienced it before. However, to the generation that is born in this absolute anarchy, only knowing absolute freedom, this will be normal. They will not try to take advantage of the freedom they are experiencing, having not experienced anything else. They will practice happiness through good and nothing but good, for bad causes anxiety and anxiety clouds happiness.


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