Hold my hand

When I look around,
nothing to be found,
I would beat myself,
put me through worry,
cause I didn’t understand,
it was out of my hand,
I did not know yet,
I didn’t decide what I’d get,
the decision was not mine,
the universe had it’s own plan.
I didn’t decide what to do,
where I was, or where I’d go.
It was all predetermined,
my path already existed.

I am just a tool,
to see what had persisted,
a medium for great expression,
to find against all the oppression.
A warrior for mankind,
a profiteer of faith.
An outlook unlike others,
to change humanity for the better.
So please take my hand,
walk with me and be my friend.
I will take you places,
you have never been.
I will show you things,
you have never seen.
Make you feel things,
you have never felt.

I warn you though,
I’m not as easy to be next to.
You need a heart of steel,
courage like a lion.
You will break new laws,
you never thought existed.
You will break ignorance,
you never thought persisted.
Hold my hand and I will show,
scary are the places we would go.
But with a strong heart, I know,
you’ll shine wherever you go.
As long as you hold my hand,
the universe will be your friend,
it will take care of you,
the way it cares for me,
and very soon you’ll see
you will be free, just like me!


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