A lot of us find frustration to be a common response to a wide range of situations in life. Various medical professionals have tackled many variations of frustrations by associating them with personal traits, life situations, momentary relapse, etcetera. Often these frustrations act as barriers to obtaining the expected goal. I find that getting to the root of what frustration is and how it affects the psyche and demands a reaction from our conscious selves, will help us understand it better.

I have come to experience that frustrations have a deeper root than just the personal traits, which I believe to be the soul’s manifestation on the given body. Frustrations seem to depend on the thought process or on the way one processes situations in life. I have often said that I was easy going, and most people agree with it given that I seem to remain unbothered by irritable situation, during which others would have projected their frustrations. It became my goal to find the reason why?

I started paying attention to how I process situations in life. Then I began noticing one major difference between the situations where I have been frustrated and the ones I remained calm. Lets process the following example. Suppose I want chinese food for dinner but my fiance wants italian. We argue for a bit and I choose to agree to go for italian, in the aim of keeping the peace. At this point I could process this in two ways. First, and this is what I normally do, I start getting myself excited for italian. I go into different menus, look at various italian food and get myself hungry for it. Or, second, I caught myself in this situation a few time too, I get bitter that I could not get my chinese food. I keep thinking about chinese food, and keep that opportunity cost still on my mind.

Of the two above mentioned thought processes, I noticed that the second processing always results in frustrations, and the first avoids them. This helped me reach a few understandings about frustrations in life:

  • Once a decision had been made, it is important forget the options you don’t choose.
  • Constant thought of the opportunity cost in a situation also hinders the experience of the chosen option. It’s a lose-lose situation.
  • It is important to go where life takes you, even if it is the opposite of where your thoughts do. There is usually a reason for it, fighting it only creates frustrations.

In conclusion, once you know the reality of a situation and know that there is no avoiding it; accepting it and making the best out of it remains to be the best way to avoid frustrations in life. If things are meant to be a certain way, they will be. Please don’t mess with the feng-shui.


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