Those waves, they come from you!

When the waves came crashing,
you got swept away.
It robbed you off your strengths,
you lost your way.
That’s when you got up
you gave it another shot.
You tried again and again,
just to dull your pain.

You had nothing to lose,
yet there was no gain.
Then you stopped to comprehend,
why the waves would never end.
Then it occurred to you,
that what you never knew,
all those waves,
they were just inside of you.

The waves were big,
when you felt small.
They seemed scary,
when you were weary.
Their magnitude,
depended on your attitude.
So if you stay tall,
the waves,they get small.

The strength to calm the waves,
to get rid of the craze.
lies just inside of you,
but you just never knew.
Cause the world kept telling you,
all you are, is a fool.


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