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When the Genie came to me

You know,
A genie came to me last night
“I’ll grant you a wish” he said
“please don’t trade it light”
“Anything?” I questioned
not believing my sight
“Yes! my dear, he replied
I stared at him, still confused
not knowing really what to choose.

“Oh mighty!” I exclaimed
“I’m perplexed by this encounter,
are you rewarding me for my endeavor(s)?
or is it just the will of fate,
to open this portal gate?
Oh Lord, don’t mind me asking
What is it that you are asking?
Grant me a wish you say?
Is is gonna make me gay?
Or does is complicate things?
like it does with other beings?”

“Oh unlimited wish I can grant
A princess, I can make you bride
Or you can live long with much pride”
he replied in confusion
“Don’t you have a wish my child?
you never dreamt of anything wild?
or did you never just, want more?”

“Fancy cars, or to live like stars
a princess, I never dreamt of.
Oh what would I do
with those earthly possessions?
They just lead to evil obsessions!”
“Do you have anything substantial?
Something not material?
Something eternal?
Almost indestructible?”

“That’s a difficult wish my child,
what you ask for skips my mind.
I’m confused.” he replied.
“What did you really have in mind?”

“I have a strange demand
I hope you can just comprehend,
just listen to me.” I explained.
“I’ve been struck
about how I’ve been stuck
in this linearity
in linear time
stuck with a perspective just mine.
It bothers me
the inability to see
in someone else’s mind.”

“So, what is it you want?
hope it’s something I can grant.”

“Oh dear Genie” I replied
“with only my perception
I have lived without exception
Now all I want
is for you to grant
me the ability to not have pity,
to live life,
with all my might,
to not question
my own intentions,
to not be anxious
of the world functions.”

“That is a new one my child,
you have intrigued my mind,
you have an imagination
oh so wild
despite what you want
what you ask for, I can’t grant.
For who you are,
is what you are.
From yourself you can”t get far.”

“Oh Genie! then hear me out
I am myself without a doubt
So can you grant me,
Oh almighty, the ability
for a week to exist
inside someone else’s head
A head without questions,
without thoughts or intentions.
to live as a person
that can enjoy life despite all it’s vice
I want ignorance to be my guidance
so I can understand
how so many people can
be so heartless
yet so helpless,
but somehow fearless!”


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