Why do we do this to ourselves?

If who you are is shaped by your interactions with your environment, is there a distinct you different from what you consider your environment? Is iit our ego that shapes our belief that we indeed are different and more intelligent than our environment? Aren’t we all quantum energy floating among themselves exactly like how the space between us is? Aren’t we all what is and what isn’t? It isn’t there as big a world inside of us are there is outside? What is it that made us distinguish between the information our brain gains through our senses and the one it gains through our senses and the one is gains through our imagination? But, isn’t ego what has been keeping us from being what we can? Then why do we keep letting ego guide what we believe our reality is? Why do we let it keep guiding our perspective of the world? Why do we let ego become a guide to our conscience? Aren’t we over this yet? Aren’t we trying to be better than ourselves? If not yet, can we begin soon?


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