All quotes are original and self written. Feel free to use them to guide your life. Please share and keep inspiring!

For there is comfort in order, I chose chaos, my comfortability lies in me being uncomfortable!

When a world of trouble troubles you, trouble becomes your only view.

When materiality becomes your guide, your humanity loses its sight!

When you create boundaries, the weakness of you personality screams louder for everyone to hear.

I’m never scared of anyone, only a right man on a wrong path.

What you classify yourself as, is what you become.

Utopia is to be reached and experienced, not forced!

Enlightenment is when your life becomes one with your understanding.

Recollection looses its value, when reflection becomes your virtue.

I have always chosen freedom over comfort, being comfortable limits my progress.

Just because a river looks still from afar, doesn’t mean its not on its path.

A river does not stop when it falls, it preservers to answer nature’s calls.

In between all that you want and need, only way to achieve greatness is to forget all the petty greed!

The notion of good and bad should be innate, not forced upon by someone else’s definitions!

Humans have always judged by how something makes them feel, we just obsess over finding the objective reasons why.

An artist that can truthfully express their perception has the ability to convince the world of their intention.

Imagination fills the gap that logic fails to complete!

Sheer ignorance is common and non intrusive, while willful ignorance initiates evil.

Do not guess, make an intelligent assumption!