Essays, Poems

I’m Sorry, Me!

See! Didn’t I tell you? Isn’t it crazy how things turned out to be? Didn’t I tell you, it’s gonna be just you and me? See I was right, you tried too hard! You should have let go when I told you to do so. Now you’re far too deep to let go. Too much… Continue reading I’m Sorry, Me!

Short Stories

The End

As he looked out the window, Andy already knew that today was going to be the same as the month he has had. He had gone for weeks now believing that it would get better. Everything seemed to put him down, the gloomy weather, being alone, his uncertain future, his economic limitations, everything! For a… Continue reading The End



Through the lens of my imagination, I saw a world, different, larger, than one can perceive with just five humanly senses. For, it existed in infinity beyond the grasp of our linearity it existed beyond human condition. Yes, it was a beautiful vision one of peace and of harmony one dictated by morality absent of animalistic… Continue reading Imagine!


Life as a game of chess!

Life is like a game of chess, your pieces are your various characteristics (both good and bad), and you're playing against the rest of the world. Sometimes you can predict a few steps forward and get it right, but, more often than not, the other player makes a move you never anticipated. You now have… Continue reading Life as a game of chess!


That feeling

That feeling I once had how conscious I had felt how clear was my path the colors of life were shining so bright how amazing my being felt the tingly little sensations the frequenting smile the rush I felt in living my life the songs I hears when I close my eyes the beautiful sounds… Continue reading That feeling


Mostly just surviving!

As I sit down lost in thoughts, lost in all the should and oughts! As I contemplate my being I feel as if my soul's fleeing back and forth and up and down in different dimensions I am living! I'm surrounded by souls so real some innocent yet so unreal. Full of questions and full… Continue reading Mostly just surviving!


When I got lost

I got lost that day walking around a little stray I knew not where I was going I kept going not really knowing. I let the journey be my guide loose all control let go of my pride. It felt like flying to let myself go to let go, of all control. I was enjoying… Continue reading When I got lost



Understanding the human consciousness, the essence of the human condition, is nothing more than a responsibility inherited to help others reach the same level in order for human society to advance into the Utopian ideas we all attempt at reaching. Your responsibility is to help others understand the concepts for which you call yourself supreme.… Continue reading Elite?


Perception or Reality?

The extent to which humans exhaust themselves to hold on to the visible nature of order, boundaries and definitions, makes you question the truth of their existence. Would order be so hard to maintain if it were natural? Would boundaries be so hard to define if they were natural? Would definitions be ever-changing if they… Continue reading Perception or Reality?