Short Stories

The End

As he looked out the window, Andy already knew that today was going to be the same as the month he has had. He had gone for weeks now believing that it would get better. Everything seemed to put him down, the gloomy weather, being alone, his uncertain future, his economic limitations, everything! For a… Continue reading The End


Just you and me!

When it's just you and me I cannot explain, Oh how I feel free. You provide me the strength to live strength to move on, strength to breathe! You limit my path to an end make me feel important, in the life so grand! You give me reasons to not give up to fight till… Continue reading Just you and me!


Time to go

A million different thoughts, a chaotic world a fragile body, encasing an immortal soul. feel the absence of today, the anxiety of tomorrow when you feel the agony of love fighting the lust for death when joy hurts, and pain pleasures i would love to die, to die to live! This journey is tiring, the road… Continue reading Time to go