Those waves

See, some of us love the beach yet, barely dive in the sea. us, we’re chaotic inside that’s why, we love the chaos outside. It’s a secret, you see. Those crashing waves, they speak, to you and to me!


When I got lost

I got lost that day walking around a little stray I knew not where I was going I kept going not really knowing. I let the journey be my guide loose all control let go of my pride. It felt like flying to let myself go to let go, of all control. I was enjoying… Continue reading When I got lost


Failures of the Mind

Without a doubt, I thought, success is never mine. For I have been showered, with failures of the mind. I have been wired to question myself. I question the motive of my intentions. Can I keep myself away from temptations? I've started questioning the motive of praise. Are they true or one with the craze?… Continue reading Failures of the Mind


What my anxiety feels like!

Sometimes I start thinking about me thinking, and wonder if my thinking is being thoughtfully thought of, by my thoughtful observer. This cycle ends with me thoughtfully thinking to stop thinking, so that I am not stuck thinking, if my thoughtful observer is thinking, about what it is that I am thinking?Not thinking that I could… Continue reading What my anxiety feels like!


Racing thoughts

As I'm sitting, waiting, thinking my head is tired, but my eyes aren't blinking. The sorrow drowns me as the ghost surrounds me, chaos is around me, cause I have found me, and you can't bound me no don't you doubt me! Cause I can't stop thinking, that the world is shrinking. As I am… Continue reading Racing thoughts


Oh the humanity! (reflection)

It seems like eternity I'm forced into captivity, to fuel this insanity, obstructing my actuality. They are afraid of my clarity for, I question this reality. While questioning my sanity they force me into vanity, to keep alive their authority they convince me of my insanity. By questioning my rationality, to keep up the brutality,… Continue reading Oh the humanity! (reflection)


Oh the Humanity! (suggestions)

I take this opportunity to fulfill my responsibility, to act with sensitivity, to convince you of the possibility, to end this seeming instability, to aim for forever immortality, with spontaneity and originality, to find a commonality, in our abnormality, to act with rationality! To imagine a reality, and make it an actuality. To do away… Continue reading Oh the Humanity! (suggestions)


Oh the humanity! (problems)

Every eventuality, since eternity exists somewhere in our reality. Cursed it is, the humanity restricted in this linearity. Forced in the cycles of mortality Oh! what a weathering captivity. This sinful gift of creativity, forcing the dream of rationality. With a promise of stability, promoting all the brutality Oh where did we lose the humility?… Continue reading Oh the humanity! (problems)