I am an illusion(2)

Oh how easy it would be if our reality comprised only of what we see I would be excited for you and for me only if the reality was as real as could be But the truth is sad and it makes me mad that I am an illusion a part of the delusion that… Continue reading I am an illusion(2)


I am an illusion

When I was young I used to dream of travelling far and reaching the stars to go beyond reality exist beyond this linearity to travel through time to own what was always mine!   Now I know it wasn't a dream I always existed beyond what persisted to be my reality always aware of my… Continue reading I am an illusion


When I got lost

I got lost that day walking around a little stray I knew not where I was going I kept going not really knowing. I let the journey be my guide loose all control let go of my pride. It felt like flying to let myself go to let go, of all control. I was enjoying… Continue reading When I got lost