Life as a game of chess!

Life is like a game of chess, your pieces are your various characteristics (both good and bad), and you're playing against the rest of the world. Sometimes you can predict a few steps forward and get it right, but, more often than not, the other player makes a move you never anticipated. You now have… Continue reading Life as a game of chess!


That feeling

That feeling I once had how conscious I had felt how clear was my path the colors of life were shining so bright how amazing my being felt the tingly little sensations the frequenting smile the rush I felt in living my life the songs I hears when I close my eyes the beautiful sounds… Continue reading That feeling


It opens up to you

See, over there above the horizon beneath the sky Do you see it? lost in bliss among the nothingness still a shine so bright Can you see it? Does it show itself to you? the way it does to me. Do you hear it? the beautiful sounds of silence coming from nothing. Do you feel… Continue reading It opens up to you


I am an illusion

When I was young I used to dream of travelling far and reaching the stars to go beyond reality exist beyond this linearity to travel through time to own what was always mine!   Now I know it wasn't a dream I always existed beyond what persisted to be my reality always aware of my… Continue reading I am an illusion