Mental Abnormalities

I am going to argue for the term mental disorders to be changed into "heightened mental and physical abilities". That is, if we as humans ever aim to understand some of these baffling conditions and advance towards progress. Natural selection guarantees progress, so when we speak of these conditions as being flaws to contain, instead… Continue reading Mental Abnormalities


Mental Distraction

When showered with worldly expectations, it leads to a suppression of our need to rise in consciousness. It distracts from the innate need for spirituality, resulting in a society struggling for its identity, unable to find peace in themselves. When the worldly things take over your thinking, it leaves no space for higher contemplation. Finding… Continue reading Mental Distraction


What my anxiety feels like!

Sometimes I start thinking about me thinking, and wonder if my thinking is being thoughtfully thought of, by my thoughtful observer. This cycle ends with me thoughtfully thinking to stop thinking, so that I am not stuck thinking, if my thoughtful observer is thinking, about what it is that I am thinking?Not thinking that I could… Continue reading What my anxiety feels like!


Racing thoughts

As I'm sitting, waiting, thinking my head is tired, but my eyes aren't blinking. The sorrow drowns me as the ghost surrounds me, chaos is around me, cause I have found me, and you can't bound me no don't you doubt me! Cause I can't stop thinking, that the world is shrinking. As I am… Continue reading Racing thoughts