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I’m Sorry, Me!

See! Didn’t I tell you? Isn’t it crazy how things turned out to be? Didn’t I tell you, it’s gonna be just you and me? See I was right, you tried too hard! You should have let go when I told you to do so. Now you’re far too deep to let go. Too much… Continue reading I’m Sorry, Me!



Through the lens of my imagination, I saw a world, different, larger, than one can perceive with just five humanly senses. For, it existed in infinity beyond the grasp of our linearity it existed beyond human condition. Yes, it was a beautiful vision one of peace and of harmony one dictated by morality absent of animalistic… Continue reading Imagine!


It opens up to you

See, over there above the horizon beneath the sky Do you see it? lost in bliss among the nothingness still a shine so bright Can you see it? Does it show itself to you? the way it does to me. Do you hear it? the beautiful sounds of silence coming from nothing. Do you feel… Continue reading It opens up to you



    When everything about us speaks of the same undeniable truth, maybe its time to listen to what you say! Not the voice that you use to communicate with others, rather the one that speaks to you. That voice you hear when you are deep in your thoughts trying to find your calm. When… Continue reading Open-mindedness