I am baffled by the trees so high, while they are grounded, they project onto the sky. The branches they grow, the flowers they bear, seems to me, are all we care. What we don't see is what baffles me, I find it important, the roots of that tree! Growing deep underground, bearing the weight,… Continue reading Roots!


Mental Abnormalities

I am going to argue for the term mental disorders to be changed into "heightened mental and physical abilities". That is, if we as humans ever aim to understand some of these baffling conditions and advance towards progress. Natural selection guarantees progress, so when we speak of these conditions as being flaws to contain, instead… Continue reading Mental Abnormalities


Oh the humanity! (reflection)

It seems like eternity I'm forced into captivity, to fuel this insanity, obstructing my actuality. They are afraid of my clarity for, I question this reality. While questioning my sanity they force me into vanity, to keep alive their authority they convince me of my insanity. By questioning my rationality, to keep up the brutality,… Continue reading Oh the humanity! (reflection)


Oh the Humanity! (suggestions)

I take this opportunity to fulfill my responsibility, to act with sensitivity, to convince you of the possibility, to end this seeming instability, to aim for forever immortality, with spontaneity and originality, to find a commonality, in our abnormality, to act with rationality! To imagine a reality, and make it an actuality. To do away… Continue reading Oh the Humanity! (suggestions)


Oh the humanity! (problems)

Every eventuality, since eternity exists somewhere in our reality. Cursed it is, the humanity restricted in this linearity. Forced in the cycles of mortality Oh! what a weathering captivity. This sinful gift of creativity, forcing the dream of rationality. With a promise of stability, promoting all the brutality Oh where did we lose the humility?… Continue reading Oh the humanity! (problems)