Surrounded, yet alone

In between and all around, I’ve been free and I’ve been bound. Among the humans, I’ve lived for long. I’m surrounded, yet I’m alone. Alone in my thoughts, Alone in my mind, True companionship Oh so hard to find! Is it that you fear me? Are you afraid that I can see, Through all your… Continue reading Surrounded, yet alone


Why are millennials killing all the corporations?

After reading a lot of articles about how “millennials are destroying so and so business”, and many more responses to such articles, I finally decided to have my say in the topic. A lot of millennials have defended their life choices in this horrendous economy and the perpetual poverty that some of them find themselves… Continue reading Why are millennials killing all the corporations?

Short Stories

The End

As he looked out the window, Andy already knew that today was going to be the same as the month he has had. He had gone for weeks now believing that it would get better. Everything seemed to put him down, the gloomy weather, being alone, his uncertain future, his economic limitations, everything! For a… Continue reading The End


Life as a game of chess!

Life is like a game of chess, your pieces are your various characteristics (both good and bad), and you're playing against the rest of the world. Sometimes you can predict a few steps forward and get it right, but, more often than not, the other player makes a move you never anticipated. You now have… Continue reading Life as a game of chess!


Mostly just surviving!

As I sit down lost in thoughts, lost in all the should and oughts! As I contemplate my being I feel as if my soul's fleeing back and forth and up and down in different dimensions I am living! I'm surrounded by souls so real some innocent yet so unreal. Full of questions and full… Continue reading Mostly just surviving!