Do you see yourself?

In the end of the day can you look at yourself or are you forced to look away? Cause I know you and what you've been through but the path you chose wasn't your only choice, you convinced yourself so. For a million paths laid before you anyone you could've picked but ease was on… Continue reading Do you see yourself?


Give me a break!

Oh what have I done? is it so wrong to try and enjoy what I have deserved Cause, even through distress I kept my calm even on my dark days I learned to move on. Now I look for a break anything to partake to rid of my pain enjoy life again to feel so… Continue reading Give me a break!

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Your whole life

You know, your whole life you were told that you should wait, for life to unfold. That you should follow the rules and laws, so you live your life without a cause. See, I refused to wait, I refused to change. Breaking all the rules, I embrace the strange. I wanted a fight, to fight… Continue reading Your whole life